Welcome to #DMLeyp and Belgrade!

Dear participants,

We wish you a worm welcome to #DMLeyp event in #Belgrade, organized by @youthpress, @KOMS_Serbia and @nvo_SOT, with help of @nuns_1994.

We are very happy to announce that we now have our website for the event. Here you can find information about the event, as well as announcements, reports from what happened and outputs that you will create. So this will be your main source of information besides Twitter. Click to see #DMLeyp Agenda.

We want to inform you that we have the official hashtag that will be used for this event: #DMLeyp. Twitter will be used as the main social media network, so if you do not have a Twitter account, we strongly recommend that you sign up for Twitter and follow all the relevant profiles. 

For all of your questions you can find Milica as @verzijabpd, she is in charge of you. @gagche83 is Dragana, and she is in charge of program, together with Vladan reachable as @VladanBaEng. Maja can be found as

 We just had our morning coffee, so we are ready! How about you? Tell us with #DMLeyp hashtag.


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