Ana Vuković


Ana Vuković, currently studying management and production in theater, radio and culture at Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Member of the editorial board of the portal Masina.rs. In my free time I do photography and I like working and visiting cultural events.

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Anna Saraste


Anna Saraste, 25, is a Finnish Journalism university graduate who has lived half her life abroad. She’s now a freelance journalist, moderator and communicator, specialising in social media marketing and human rights reporting. In her academic research she is ivestigating post-war reconciliation processes. Since 2014 she’s a board member at European Youth Press and coordinated this year the Free Our Media! project that documented press freedom across Europe.

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Andrej Petrovski

Andrej Petrovski

Andrej Petrovski is a Cyber Forensic Specialist at Share Foundation,
based in Serbia, with a background of education in Software Engineering and Master Studies in Electronic Crimes and Digital Forensics. He has conducted extensive research in the field of application of modern technologies in the traditional democratic processes, as well as the influence of new media in the uprisings in undeveloped countries in recent years.

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Andrew Connelly


Andrew Connelly is a freelance journalist and writer on politics, human rights, international affairs and culture. He is based in London but travels as much as possible. With the goal of highlighting issues in lesser-known parts of the world, in 2012 he wrote about evictions of Roma communities in Serbia, reported from the Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan and investigated religious freedoms in Belarus. Work has appeared in The Sunday Telegraph, Index on Censorship, The Independent,The Independent on SundayThe Hackney Citizen, Press Gazette and Cafebabel.comamongst others.

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Dušan Jordović

Dusan Jordovic - foto

He deals daily with the concept of responsibility for publicly spoken word since 2009. With a group of journalists and activists develops Istinomer in Serbia and fights for a society of responsible citizens and responsible government. He strongly believes that without a system of responsibility there is no democracy and social progress. “Infected” by politics during the ’90s. As a political skills trainer participates in the realization of dozens of seminars with politicians and representatives of institutions and nongovernmental organizations.

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Jovana Gligorijević


Since 2002 Jovana Gligorijević (1983) is a journalist in the weekly “Vreme”, where she covers a wide range of subjects, including new media and a freedom of speech on the Internet. In the “Vreme” magazine, she edits certain sectors of the Web site www.vreme.com, and is at the position of a community manager on social networks. Since March 2014, she has been a member of the Executive Board of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia.Since july 2014, she’s AssisstantEditor-in-Chief in Vreme.

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Nevena Krivokapić

Nevena-Krivokapić (crop

Nevena Krivokapic is a media lawyer. During her studies, in 2011, she was a member of the winning team of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, which won the “Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court Competition” at the University of Oxford. She worked as an associate in the “Stojkovic & Prekajski” Law Office, representing “Ringier Axel Springer”, the biggest publisher in Serbia. From 2013, she dedicated her work to exploring the new media ecosystem and position of online media regarding the implementation of human rights standards in the digital environment through activities of Share Foundation. Cooperation with the competition, “Monroe E. Price Competition” continued and Nevena is now the Moot Coordinator for 5 Regional Rounds, held on 4 continents, and the final competition of the Moot Court at the University of Oxford.

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Slobodan Georgiev


Slobodan Georgiev is Belgrade based journalist and he serves as programme coordinator in BIRN Serbia. He works as a journalist in Vreme weekly from 2001 covering organised crime and sports. He participated in UNDP’s programmes of transitional justice an justice sector reform in Serbia. Slobodan is contributor to balkaninsight.com and Belgrade insight. Also he is editor at Javno.rs.

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Srđan Žikić

Srdjan Zikic (1)

Born in Zrenjanin in 1987. Since 2002 in the studio, in front of a microphone. In 2010, he covered within the BBC platform on ecology. Actively participates in projects of national and international civil sector since 2008. Since 2009 he has worked as a presenter of informative program and a journalist of the national Radio S. From 2012 on the radio Pingvin, City radio and national radio Index. Records and produces the vocals for marketing purposes for different brands and synchronizes documentaries. Doesn’t leave the house without Twitter.

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Stefan Goranović

Stefan Goranovic 1

Stefan Goranović works for Al Jazeera as a journalist / reporter. He has been in media since his high school days, when he changed several radio stations. He enters broadcast journalism with going to work for TV B92, where from, after more than three years, he moves to Sarajevo to Al Jazeera. He graduated as a professor of Albanian language. Most frequently reports from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Eastern Europe. He studied journalism for one year as an American scholarship holder at the Illinois State University in the US.

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Stevan Dojčinović

stefan d

Stevan Dojčinović is an investigative journalist and a regional editor for Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). From 2008 Stevan investigates links between organized crime and privatization deals, and connections between Balkan tycoons, organized crime, private security agencies and the gambling industry. He also teaches journalists how to collect and analyze business data.

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Vladan Joler

Vladan Joler

Vladan Joler is Associate Professor and Chair of New Media Department at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Joler is also the director of the SHARE Foundation. Share Foundation, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens and promoting positive values of openness, decentralization, free access and exchange of knowledge, information and technology.

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Vojislav Stevanović


One of the best economic journalists in Serbia.He was the key position in magazine “Ekonomist”, and dealt with economic issues in daily “Danas”. TV experience gained in the TV show “Budjelar”, as in the TV production of “Novi magazin”. One of the most important jobs during a career in journalism was the development and training of young journalists. He is an active member of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia, working on projects promoting media literacy and development of partner relations between professional and civic journalists.

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Danica Niki Radišić 

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