376029_10150463681082034_165868213_nThe European Youth Press (EYP) is a network of young media makers with 26 member organizations, gathering 60,000+ young journalists. EYP strives to promote the role of youth media and the freedom of press in Europe and beyond. Therefore, the goal is to build a society where empowered young media makers are actively participating and contributing to the public sphere by creating fair, independent and responsible media, fostering the development of democracy, international development and a sustainable future. A free and inclusive society that upholds human rights, where unbiased, well-informed and mindful media makers and activists, along with independent and professional media and the engagement of well-informed citizens is what this network believes in. EYP manages projects and events such as the European Youth Media Days, organizes seminars and represents young journalists in Europe, publishes Orange Magazine and much more.

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307033_272129892895294_997791355_nKOMS is the highest independent representative body of youth in Serbia, with a mission to represent the interests of youth by developing partner relationship with the State, intersectoral collaboration and international cooperation, encourage active participation of youth in a variety of issues, and promote organizational development of its member organizations. They work on strengthening negotiation positions of youth and helping them be more informed as well as providing basis for the participation of youth in international forums and more. Some of the members of KOMS are: AIESEC Serbia, AEGEE in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad, European Youth Parliament, Youth with Disabilities Forum, World Youth Wave and many others.

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1463886_780176885352084_8321050701625871914_nWorld Youth Wave is a youth organization, founded in 2005. by a group of students and young professionals in Serbia. The idea of the foundation was giving a chance for young people to represent their ideas, beliefs and convictions, and also to connect students on a global level, through different cultural and educational projects. One of the main goals is strengthening youth sector, not just in Serbia, but also on international level, by promoting projects and supporting and sharing ideas that include young people in general. Communication improvement between young people in the country, region and worldwide; setting grounds for long-term organizational cooperation; promoting cultural dialog and fight against prejudices, racism and xenophobia – those are just some of the main aims of the World Youth Wave.

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